Live It Like You Mean It

So I guess, based on some of my past conversations with Facebookies, you could call me a professional provocateur. I have a tendency to poke the proverbial bear, and to be honest I enjoy doing so. My theory is that we only increase our understanding through challenges to our beliefs, whatever they may be. I […]

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Infinite Love

So I’m happy to report that using this blog as an outlet seems to be working. I’ve come across many bold statements made on Facebook that quite clearly call my name for a response. Not responding is among my greatest challenges. I have a problem, a real problem, with keeping my mouth shut. But I’m […]

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Whatever May Come

My name is Josh and I struggle with handling ignorance well.¬†Sometimes ignorance comes in the form of drivers cutting me off on my long commute to and from work. After a long day of sitting at my desk, it is inconceivably¬†irritating when this incredibly skilled driver feels as though his 14 foot long car should […]

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Dear Diary

So, a while back it was suggested by my lovely wife that I start a blog; a diary of sorts, to keep my Facebook rants to a minimum. I am typically a very thoughtful person who has thoughts on just about every topic under the sun. If there is more than one possible opinion on […]

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