Hi, my name is Josh (all: “Hi Josh”). I’m a husband, son, brother, friend, boss, employee, owner of a fixer-upper, and in all things – Christian. I have never blogged before but have a lot of thoughts contained in my little head. In fact, I have so many that they often times leak out onto Facebook. So I made this blog at the urging of my wife so they can leak out on here instead of as verbal vomit to an already cluttered field of opinions. Please note: You are not obligated to read this. By reading this you understand that the thoughts and statements contained in this blog are a direct reflection of who I am. Some thoughts you may agree with. Others may cause you to have the strangest urge to lash out with seemingly righteous indignation. And yet others may cause you to apply these same thoughts to your own life. All of them though will be the raw, unfiltered version of what I think…take it or leave it.


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