The Despair of Job

Like the best of friends, God’s not afraid of our pain and anger. If I’m hurting, it’s OK to cry out to God. In fact, just like Job, God may use that opportunity to remind me of just how big He is and how capable He is of providing for me.

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I’ve Got This Hope

We jokingly refer to our house as “The Southern Comfort Inn”, which is a play on words because we both really enjoy a good glass of SoCo, but also have a somewhat open door policy at home. All are welcome around our dinner table and the guest room will always be ready for you should you ever need it.

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Marriage, Defined

Let me start this one out by saying I am by no means an expert on marriage. I’m not a marriage counselor, nor have I been married for 50+ years and have the expertise of a life time to reflect on. I am writing this as a person who has seen what it looks like […]

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