A Name To Remember

It’s been about 6 months since I started this blog and I’m glad that I’ve been able to write some of my thoughts down on paper, albeit electronic paper. This is all thanks to my wife who is credited with urging me to start a blog in an effort to prevent undue Facebook arguments with […]

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The Gorilla in the Room

Circumstances in life will always bring opportunities to reveal my darker side. What matters is not my circumstances, but how well I learn to navigate them. When I find myself in the proverbial gorilla pit being dragged around by 400 pounds of selfishness, I have to do whatever it takes to beat it back

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Show Up

So, where is the Church? The Church is wherever we decide to get in the fight and run towards the smoke and chaos.

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Fix My Eyes

Whatever we look at, that’s what we’ll gravitate towards. It’s the reason why driver’s ed teachers warn when you’re being blinded by oncoming traffic’s headlights that you should stare at the outside, white line. When you can’t fully see where you’re going, it’s far better to gravitate AWAY from oncoming traffic than into it.

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